Family Herbal Clinic Customer

Behrooz and his staff are the best. He is so compassionate and caring but with a sense of humour.

My husband and I love him.

Family Herbal Clinic Customer

“Dr. T, has been a great help to me when regular doctors did not know what was wrong.”

Family Herbal Clinic Customer

“Behrooz is the absolute best!!!

Both my husband and I have been coming here for years and he’s fixed EVERYTHING that’s ever been wrong with us.

I’ve never felt this good in my life.

I used to suffer from regular colds and now I’m hardly ever sick.

I recommend family herbal clinic to ALL my friends and family and to anyone that wants a change from their family Dr “guessing” on what’s wrong with them.”

Family Herbal Clinic Customer

“I was struggling with IBS and severe Celiac disease for 5 years and severe postpartum depression and rage for 6 months before meeting Dr. Behrooz.

In my initial assessment with him he told me why my body was responding certain ways and what were the triggers for things.

He gave me a vitamin schedule which I followed to the Tee for the 1st week after my appointment. In only ONE WEEK, I was off all postpartum medication and abdominal pain meds because my body responded to what it was lacking and knew something was finally entering my system to help!

Seeing Dr. Behrooz over the last 2 years I have understood what my body craving means and how to restore my body back to health.

I am on no more prescriptions, have more energy than I ever have (and I’m a mom with an infant that’s up 4 times a night), and more mentally stable too.

He gave me answers no other professional was able to provide and my health is in spectacular shape. I refer as many people to him as possible.

Finally, a doctor you can trust!”

Family Herbal Clinic Customer

“Behrooz; how many gifts one man can attain: true compassion, vast knowledge, intuition, wisdom, a true healer!!!

My experiences of 20 years have been overwhelmingly positive with healings on many levels.

I would recommend Investing in your health it is of utmost importance.

So very grateful Behrooz.”

Family Herbal Clinic Customer

“Family Herbal Clinic is family.

I have been supported in my mental, physical, and spiritual well-being since I found Behrooz shortly after the birth of my second child.

I was struggling with depression and thyroid issues that my doctors and psychiatrist had attempted to deal with for years.

Today I feel healthier and stronger than I have ever felt.

When something comes up for myself, my husband, or my children, I know that I am supported with Family Herbal Clinic on my care team.”

Family Herbal Clinic Customer

“After years of seeing different practitioners to help me with my extreme fatigue, I had given up hope.

A family friend suggested Family Herbal Clinic and I reluctantly booked an appointment because at that point I had nothing to lose.

It’s not an exaggeration to say my life was changed. In time my brain fog lifted, my fatigue dissipated, and I started to regain my life.

I’ve been investing in my health with Family Herbal Clinic for 5 years now, as I think genuine health is an investment of finances, time and consistency.

I feel better than I did 10 years ago! The investment has been well worth it.

My entire family (husband, son, Mom and Dad) also attend Family Herbal Clinic, and I recommend them to anyone who will listen!”

We have been serving St. Albert and area since 1991 and our clients come from many places in Canada as well as internationally.

Our moto has always been:

“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”.