Creating Teamwork, Partnership and Success


It can be so frustrating working and living with members of the opposite sex! 

Often the masculine and feminine are at odds with each other.  But that doesn’t have to be! 

Take a couple of hours, once a month, to understand yourself, your family members and co-workers. You will explore the masculine and the feminine as a duality of human animal and human spirit.

When things are going well, human spirit is being expressed. 

When they aren’t, watch out!

Human animal is on the loose! 


Men & Women!


Learn how to recognize and tame human animal so that

you can bring out the best in yourself and others.


Upcoming classes to be announced soon!



Do you need a speaker for an upcoming professional development event, retreat, conference, etc.?


Elaine Tahririha, Master Mentor Instructor,

would be happy to do a presentation for your group.


Please contact Elaine to discuss available topics
and make a booking.                 780-419-2699

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