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Behrooz Tahririha

Natural Health Practitioner

Behrooz_OurTeamBehrooz Tahririha is a fourth generation Persian herbalist. He learned the oral traditions of Persian Humoral Therapy from his folks before moving to the Philippines where he studied Science at the University of San Augustine as well as Chinese Medicine from Buddhist monks. After arriving in Canada, he pursued his interest in natural healing arts by studying under the renowned Dr. Bernard Jensen, the North American father of Iridology and Clinical Nutrition. He has been constantly adding to his deep base of knowledge and skills by studying with some of the most renowned natural health practitioners in North America such as Dr. Versandaal, D.C. the main developer of Contact Reflex Analysis(CRA) and Dr. Victor Frank the creatore of Total Body Modification(TBM). In 1992, Behrooz opened his naturopathic clinic under the name of Nature’s Clinic in St. Albert, AB. Now known as Family Herbal Clinic, Behrooz helps his clients get healthy with natural means such as herbs, vitamins, minerals, diet, fasts, cleanses, energy balancing, exercise…etc.

He is a sought after presenter and workshop leader and wrote a popular weekly newspaper article on natural health and healing from 1999 to 2009 in St. City News.

Behrooz’s credentials include:
Natural Health Practitioner
Bachelor of Science
Iridologist & Clinical Nutritionist
Contact Reflex Analyst
Touch For Health Practitioner
Synergy Practitioner
Chinese Constitutional Therapist
Persian Humoral Therapist
Total Body Modification

Behrooz does not have the following titles:
Naturopathic Doctor
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Naturopathic Practitioner

These designations are for graduates of the United States and Canada. Behrooz was not educated in Natural Medicine in these countries.

Behrooz is a member of the following associations:
The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners of Canada ™ (DNM®#435-807)
International Iridology Research Association
Touch For Health Association
International Iridologists and Rayid Iridologists Association

The medications for my retinal atrophy and inflammation had severe side effects. The natural herbal supplements Behrooz recommended has enabled me to see better, there’s no more inflammation, and best of all there are no side effects. – Faruq Jessa

I find him knowledgeable, helpful and courteous. – Volesh Shaikh


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