Family Herbal Clinic

Don’t just survive — Thrive!

We live in a new age of challenge and promise. In these stressful times we seek changes to our lifestyle to live healthier and more balanced lives. Many of us are starting to question the actual health benefits of taking chemically-derived, prescription drugs with their inherent side-effects. Growing numbers of people are looking for alternative ways to improve health, prevent and cure disease. We are starting to understand the intricate mind-body-spirit connections that lead to total wellness. People want to address and treat the causes of disease, not just mask the symptoms.

Family Herbal Clinic, owned and managed by Clinical Herbalist Behrooz Tahririha, offers a safe, gentle environment in which we can consult and discover the healing path best suited to the needs and likings of each individual.

Family Herbal Clinic

We receive every client at our clinic in a wholistic manner. Attention is paid to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual concerns.

Your first visit to our clinic will take about two hours. We take time to do a complete health investigation and give you a thorough assessment.

In the first hour, important personal information is collected. We pay attention to both major and minor symptoms you have experienced from your childhood to the present time. All your symptoms, aches, pains and complaints are explored and noted.

We also record your lifestyle habits with regards to eating, drinking, sleeping, exercise, recreation, work conditions, and relationships because they all can affect your body systems.

In the second hour of the visit we employ several techniques to complete your health assessment. We use pulse, tongue, iris, sclera, and contact reflex analysis to find out the reasons for the appearance of your symptoms. We also determine your constitution according to Traditional Chinese and Persian Humoral medicine to help us design your therapy.

We then develop a personalized program in which we may suggest dietary modifications, cleanses, fasts, herbal remedies, supplementation, exercise, Yoga, T’ai Chi and prayer and meditation as part of your program.

It will be apparent by this time if you would also benefit from complementary treatments. You could be referred to a chiropractor, medical doctor, massage therapist, acupuncturist, hypnotist, reflexologist, or other types of therapists depending on your needs. We work as a team with other complementary practitioners to provide you with complete natural health care.

Follow-ups are scheduled ( about 20 to 30 minutes ) to monitor progress and determine necessary changes to your health program as you advance and progress towards your health goals.

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