You want to make health-enhancing changes in your life – but where do you start?

Media bombards you with conflicting information about health
– Constant advertisements proclaim the latest miracle cures
– Hundreds of new health-related books have flooded the market
– You question the use of drugs but don’t know much about natural alternatives
– A visit to the health food store can be overwhelming and confusing

The Body Systems Approach to Health, developed by the renowned Clinical Herbalist, Steven Horne, explains the eleven interconnected systems of your body to better help you determine which of your body systems needs the most support.

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The Eleven Body Systems

The Body Systems Approach to Health, developed by the renowned Clinical Herbalist, Steven Horne, analyses the state of health of your eleven interconnected body systems to help you determine what needs the most support:

Circulatory System

The Center of Life: The Circulatory System transports food, oxygen and water to every system of the body through an intricate network of blood vessels.

Common Concerns:

Maintaining normal cholesterol/triglyceride levels
Maintaining blood pressure levels within a normal range
Maintaining arterial elasticity and strength
Managing stress
Circulatory system health
Keepting the heart healthy

Circulatory System Flow Chart

Digestive System

Fuels the Body: The digestive system breaks down food for fuel and makes it available to the whole body.

Common Concerns:
Poor digestion due to insufficient food enzymes
Stomach cramps or bloating after eating

Digestive System Flow Chart

Glandular System

The Body’s Thermostat: The glandular system is a communication network that regulates basic drives and emotions, promotes growth, and sexual identity, assists in the ordinary replacement of body tissues.

Common Concerns:

Hormone balance
Emotional stress
Reproductive problems
Maintaining proper blood sugar levels

Glandular System Flow Chart

Hepatic (Liver) System

The Filtering and food processing System:
Hepatic (Liver) System Flow Chart

Immune System

The Body’s Security System: When the immune system recognizes invaders, it signals the brain to activate the immune responses.

Common Concerns:
Seasonal support for colds and flu
Antioxidant protection
Immune support

Immune System Flow Chart

Intestinal System

The Body’s Waste-Disposal Plant: The intestinal system collects waste products from the body and excretes these along with indigestible food fiber.

Common Concerns:
Constipation or diarrhea
Intestinal flora imbalance due to over prescribed antibiotics
Incomplete elimination
Nervous irritability
Maintaining regularity

Intestinal System Flow Chart

Nervous System

The Communication Network: The nervous system provides the vital communication link between the internal world and the external world around us.

Common Concerns:
Cerebral circulation
Mood swings

Nervous System Flow Chart

Reproductive System

Producing the Next Generation, male and female fertility:

Reproductive System Flow Chart

Respiratory System

The Oxygen Supplier: The respiratory system is essential to the body’s growth and movement because it supplies oxygen, enabling the body to produce energy.

Common Concerns:
Wheeziness, labored breathing
Support in the cold season
Bronchial support

Respiratory System Flow Chart

Structural System

The Framework for the Body: The structural system, like a building frame, houses our other body systems and helps our body withstand outside stresses and strains.

Common Concerns:
Joint mobility
Bone health
Muscle strength

Structural System Flow Chart

Urinary System

The Internal Water-Treatment Plant: The urinary system filters the blood supply in order to maintain a clean supply of fluids for the rest of the body.

Common Concerns:

Incontinence, bladder/kidney function
Urinary system activation
Improper filtration

Urinary System Flow Chart

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